Refurbished Equipment –By definition means that the item has gone through a full process of testing and
 ISO defined standards to ensure it is fully functional as at the day it was originally manufactured by a brand.

The company’s main speciality is the refurbished IT market, with over a decade personal experience in this
area of IT we are able to offer the best available computers and laptops to our clients. All sourced from secure
and confirmed companies and of a standard and quality we do stand proud of.
We have also reached and pass the “Microsoft Refurbisher standard” and with this able to supply a level of
software not offer in retail or standard suppliers.
A good example of this is that we are able to link a Windows 7 Professional license through Microsoft and sell a
Windows 10 Professional upgrade version at a fraction of the package price normally sold.
We have also been able to offer a refurbished version of Office products.

While there are many company’s and supplier, nationwide that offer refurbished IT, we limit our ranges
to only use suppliers and supply equipment to clients that is Grade A refurbished and conditioned.
With this we also carry a full year carry in warranty on our refurbished hardware, something not found
often in this section of the market.
In order to fully release our equipment in good order we run all the windows updates on each system
and the companion software to ensure a client starts on a system that’s full updated and tested.