Company ordering process and testing.

1.       As IT broker we do not carry stock on our office premises, as client’s order we confirm availability with our local
 suppliers and send clients a formal quote with our details.
With this we are also able to give a turnaround time to the client on their order.

2.       Once payment reflects in our business account we collect and complete orders.
We ask for payment from clients as a commitment to the deal as we are held liable to take refurbished stock
once ordered at supplier or get penalised.

3.       Suppliers need on average a day turn around on refurbished orders to complete the last of there refurbishment
and quality testing process.

We at this stage average a day or less once we receive stock to complete our own level of testing, updating
and completing an order to a client particular requirements before release.

4.       All order go through soak testing and a variety of hardware test s and software checks to ensure there are no flaws
that may have been missed up until this point.

5.       All hardware we offer from the new as well as refurbished has a 1 year carry in warranty.
In the cases where there is an extended warranty from manufacturer it’s stated on the invoice to client.

6.       Once order is complete and has passed all company soak testing we arrange with clients to collect and make out
the final invoice with the systems serial numbers and details for records.

7.       If a client is not local to our business they may use a courier or we can quote them on a company by the name of XOC
 we have used for the past six years that has never once let us down or to date damaged a single item we have sent.

Please feel free to query us on any concerns you may have.