This is where we do have the most competitors, and often are out priced by chain stores and their buying power
and partnerships with the brands. We do though offer a much larger variety of every major brand and with it
versions of laptops and printer not always found in retail or lower tier suppliers.

Our customised build up systems offer the best possible price and good entry level brand hardware all the way
to the top range extreme systems and servers that technology has to offer in this country.

Our software packages from Microsoft cover the different server, windows and office versions including the single
individual products client licensing and company volume licensing.

In networking we offer hardware in every aspect of a company’s topology from the cabling and connectors through
to cabinets and switches for the servers, offer from the standard brands like D-Link through to high level Netgear,
Cisco and Netshield.

Minor areas of our new range covers gaming hardware and games on all platforms,  Point of sale hardware, systems
and consumables as well as full CCTV hardware systems and components.

We have seen the cost effective needs in company’s and private individuals and so with quoting printers from the
 different ranges we also offer the new and the branded generic versions of their cartridges and consumables
focusing on aiding company’s budgets.